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General information


On-site at your event
We come to you at your event and bring all the equipment. We need about 30 minutes to set up and decorate the casino tables. With the games park, it depends somewhat on the games you choose. The choice of games does also depend on the amount of space you have available, but we will be glad to assist in your planning process. We basically operate in eastern Switzerland, but will also accept gigs across Switzerland.

Regional partners
The full game park selection is available if you choose to have your event on one of our regional partner’s farms. This also helps to take you out of your usual comfort zone and lets you immerse yourselves in our world of adventure and fun.

We can also handle all aspects of organising events as you like. We offer not only entertainment, but also catering upon request. The selection ranges from simple snacks to full meals. Just enquire about our menu selection for further details.

Mix and match our services for a very special occasion
For example, you can have event games in the afternoon, followed by a classy dinner, and then a sophisticated casino evening.


Die The costs are variable and are charged per table. You decide how many tables you want us to bring. We will be glad to help you select the right tables for your event.
We would be grateful if you could arrange for food for our Events4Rent team.

Player management

We will be glad to handle player management and create rankings lists. Upon request, we can also run an official announcement of the rankings and hold a medal ceremony.

„Events 4 Rent“ – The rules

  • Games are played for points (or chips in the casino); no money changes hands.
  • Prizes are determined by the event sponsor, but we can organise them on your behalf if you like.
  • Speak to us about possible prize options. Together we will find the right solutions.

Bookable events

On-site at your event

  • Large events with up to 1500 participants, corporate events, parties, fairs
  • Outdoor events, barbecue parties, birthdays, weddings, Christmas dinners, events of all kinds
  • Poker training
  • Casino tournaments: we can also organise tournaments of all kinds on a legal basis (without money being wagered)

Games park for rent

  • Events up to 100 participants, corporate events, events of all kinds
  • Indoor and outdoor events: birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties
  • Children’s parties, children’s game competitions
  • Your event is not listed? Contact us: the list is not exhaustive.

Event for Rent GmbH
Winterthurerstrasse 47
8370 Sirnach

Phone: +41 71 966 67 89

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