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Our equipment

Here you get a look at how our tables are built.
We have demanding specifications for our tables. As a mobile casino, our tables need to give a professional impression, but also still be portable.

Our tables consist of solid table tops with high-end hinges that allow them to be folded and stowed away. For each table, we use original fabric covers made by the same companies that make them for Las Vegas’ famous hotel casinos. We then add our logo. The chip holders and the roulette wheel can be set into the table and help create a professional appearance. The dice tables are designed with matching walls so that the dice remain on the table.

This concept allows us to create an authentic atmosphere. All we need is a bit of space and a few tables where we can set up our gaming tables.

We’ve just added a large original roulette wheel once used on a casino boat in the US. The wheel has been restored by specialists so that we can offer this particular piece of history to our customers.

Much of our game park equipment has been designed based on our ideas. The experiences we’ve had using this equipment has helped us to further develop our tables and games equipment.

Detail view of our casino tables

Where our tables come from

All of our solid table bases are made in the Stiftung Ancora workshop in Wil, St Gallen canton. The social institution combines professional skilled work with a social skills training for people with mental disabilities. We appreciate this facility very much and thank them for their continued good partnership and outstanding products they deliver.

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